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Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Microsoft Word

Poor Microsoft Word is often seen as the somewhat basic cousin of Excel. After all, it is just a word processing software, right?  But the truth is that there’s a lot of things you didn’t know you could do in Microsoft Word that makes it a whole lot more impressive.

Make a PDF into an editable Word document

You can easily bring a PDF document into Word and then edit it as you want to. Sometimes if the PDF has lots of images, these may not convert perfectly but in most cases, the transfer will work well enough for you to fill it out.

To do this open the file tab in a Word doc and select the PDF from your hard drive.  Press ‘yes’ on the warning message and the document will open in Word.

Find and move text with the navigation pane

The navigation pane has a few different uses – the obvious one is to find your way around the document.  This is really useful with large documents with many headings in it.  you can click the View tab and check the navigation pane box to open it. You can then quickly move to a page or heading by clicking on it or search for specific text.

You can also move sections around in the box. Drag and drop the heading and its associated text will follow to change the order.

Easily convert tables into graphs

You can easily add a chart into a Word document, and you can just as easily add a graph with that data.  Go to the ‘insert’ tab on the ribbon and click the object tool within the text section.  This opens the Object dialogue box and from the list, choose Microsoft Graph Chart.  Data is then shown as a graph and you can format it and change the elements as you like.

Make a simple calendar

Having a calendar that you can edit, and print is very handy for many different purposes and this is simple to do in Word.  For a month calendar, turn the orientation of the page to landscape and make a grid that is 7 columns wide by either 5-6 rows long.  Then adjust the row sizes so that it fills up the page.  Or for a smaller calendar, leave it on portrait, add a nice header to the top and add some text then use the second half of the page for a smaller 7 x 5 calendar box.

Smart Lookup to get insights

Smart Lookup is available through the Insights Pane which is powered by Bing. It offers a range of information when you select a word or phrase including definitions, Wiki articles and even the top searches that relate to it. Select a word or phrase in the document then right click and scroll down to Smart Lookup.  Select it and the separate pane will open with the various results in for you to see.  You can then click them to open in a browser and see more.

Word is a business essential for any office environment. If you think you’re missing out on all that Word has to offer, sign up to one of our Microsoft Office training courses by using our contact form or calling us on 01454 203355.


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