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Workshop Duration

1 Day


This one day course can be adapted to suit the needs of the participants. These needs can be established by sending out a questionnaire.  This course covers areas to include:-

  • Time management
  • Communication Skills
  • Working Styles

Course Content

Do you feel that sometimes you are just reacting to who is shouting the loudest, attending time-consuming meetings and never getting a grip on never-ending emails? Then this session will give you tools and techniques to encourage you to work smarter and not harder.

It is a practical and personalised session where the group will work through the key components of smarter working to identify how to improve and enhance working practices.  This session will focus on helping participants to:

  • Take personal responsibility for managing themselves and their workload
  • Improve their ability to plan and organise their time for maximum benefit
  • Apply a ‘smarter working’ approach to their current working practices and habits
  • Address information overload by analysing existing challenges and issues and identifying new approaches
  • Reflect on their natural strengths and style to create a self-management system that works for them
  • Identify clear and assertive communication strategies to improve interpersonal effectiveness

The session is very interactive and allows the participants to get to know themselves a bit better in order to achieve more at work.

What do you think you could achieve if you could be more in control, have more influence and deal with your inbox effectively and efficiently?