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Workshop Duration

2 Hours


The task of reviewing or appraising employees places a considerable responsibility on the managers involved. It is a delicate as well as complex task. Appraisal interviews are used to review an individual’s performance and progress in the job and to access their potential for future promotion. If carried out effectively they can provide a method of analysing and recording information about an employee that is needed.

  • For better running of the business.
  • To help the manager improve the employee’s performance and plan his/her career.
  • To help the employee assist in his/her own job performance and develop themselves

Course Objectives

To provide delegates with the skills, knowledge and the confidence to effectively and efficiently complete the document and to mutually agree objectives for the forthcoming year.

Skills Gained

By the end of the session delegates will learn:

  • To understand the benefits of appraisal to support staff
  • To understand the support staff PDR form
  • To understand the need for objective setting and your role and responsibility from determining objectives at induction, probation through to completing the appraisal
  • To identify what goals should be set as a department and forwarded to individuals through appraisal