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Workshop Duration

1 day


  • Are you getting the most out your team?
  • Do you find your too often involved in doing tasks rather than managing your part of the business?
  • Are your team members sufficiently proactive, do they take responsibility and deliver?

This programme is designed to give you an understanding of several delegation models and clarity on how to apply tried and tested top tips & techniques to ensure that workloads are shared and successful delegation is achieved.

As line managers, we can only deliver so much in the time we spend at work.  To achieve more we need to harness the expertise, competence and energy of others and in doing so, apply the skills of effective delegation.

The challenge is knowing how best to delegate and how to manage the potential sense of losing control when we do.  Done well, the skill of delegation actively empowers develops and motivates others; giving them opportunity to rise to the occasion and freeing you up to get on and manage the business.  This workshop will give practical guidance that will enable you, through effective delegation, to manage your workload more successfully.

Who will the course benefit?

Newly appointed Team Leaders and Front Line Managers who need to concentrate more strategically ‘on the business issues’ rather than ‘operating within in the business’.  Individuals who recognise that they are too “hands on” and need to learn to trust others to deliver will also gain significant benefit from attending.

Course Objectives

  • Welcome, introduction and objectives
  • What is delegation? How does delegation relate to developing an environment and culture of shared success?
  • Where does delegation fit into a rounded leadership style?
  • Delegation skills development sessions – clear communication, coaching, questioning techniques, outcome and implication thinking
  • Top tips that will support more effective delegation immediately.
  • Defining coaching and its importance in the process of effective delegation

Embedding the Delegation Models

  • Working towards safe empowerment
  • Gaining Shared Success through Effective Delegation

Embedding the Coaching Models

  • Developing the coaching model – GROW
  • Applying the funnel questioning technique
  • Planning and undertaking a ‘real play’ delegation session
  • Developing a personal goal setting strategy
  • Essential coaching and motivational strategies to develop high performance within individuals.

Organisational Impact:

The organisation will experience positive impact through

  • The completion of planned work on time, on budget and exceeding customer expectations
  • Developing the skills of managers which will raise the capability, skill and morale of colleagues at all levels
  • Improved preparedness to deal with work task contingencies
  • Establishing more effective organisational and personal planning capabilities
  • Improved performance in personal and team capability

Personal Impact:

The individual will experience positive impact through:

  • Improved individual and team performance by establishing productive, effective and efficient delegation practices
  • Enhanced management techniques in planning, scheduling and organising work priorities
  • Developing interpersonal skills to enhance more cooperative and efficient team working practices
  • Acquiring transferable planning, organisation and delegation skills
  • Experiencing a more balanced approach to work and personal life demands

Skills Gained

  • Understand the value of empowering others through delegation
  • Understand when, who and how to delegate and the pitfalls to avoid
  • Effectively apply the Top Tips & Techniques of daily delegation
  • Recognise internal and external influences on their daily planning
  • Understand how delegation can be used in scheduling and organising
  • Develop the competence to make higher quality decisions as work is planned and more evenly distributed to the right people
  • Develop a more balanced approach to work & personal life demands.

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