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Workshop Duration

1/2 day


Learn to rely on others and empower them to achieve team success. Discover the power of delegation.

Who will the course benefit?

Managers, supervisors and team leaders wishing to increase the efficiency of their team through effective delegation.

Course Objectives

Analyse Situations

  • Identifying your role, responsibilities and activities
  • Identifying priority tasks and activities and how time is spent
  • Why we avoid delegating
  • The benefits of delegating

Learn Effective Delegation

  • Understanding the obstacles to delegation
  • Identifying the skills of your team members and maximising them
  • Learning to set goals and establish tasks

Delegate Effectively to Your Staff

  • Planning the tasks to delegate
  • Setting clear goals and communicating them
  • Using delegation as a motivational tool
  • Adapting your management style to different situations
  • Dealing with different abilities and confidence levels
  • Ensuring a successful outcome for all team members

Coach and Appraise Your Staff

  • Improving your listening skills
  • Developing your assertiveness
  • Delivering motivational feedback
  • Reviewing progress
  • Delivering personalised appraisals

Skills Gained

By the end of the day delegates will:

  • Understand the benefits of delegation
  • Determine the tasks you can delegate and those you cannot
  • Devise clear and simple ways to communicate goals on an individual basis
  • Trust and empower each member of your staff

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