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Workshop Duration

1 day


Are you aware of the impact that your management and leadership style has on others?  Is your style the most appropriate to motivate and enable your staff to work effectively?  This highly participative course will enable you to get the most out of your employees by developing your leadership and ensuring that you motivate and delegate in a way that inspires and empowers others.

Course Objectives

By the end of this workshop delegates will be able to:

(Kouzes & Posner, 1998) Transactional Leadership that will:

  • Challenge the process
  • Inspiring a shared vision
  • Enabling others to act
  • Modelling the way
  • Encouraging the heart

Motivation Theory

  • New developments around extrinsic & intrinsic motivation

Delegation and Empowerment

  • Give your managers an appropriate level of autonomy
  • Apply appropriate levels of delegation
  • Encourage suitable levels of support and challenge within your team
  • Identify when to stand back or make selected interventions

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