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Workshop Duration

1 Day


In order to work effectively and efficiently all employees require feedback on their performance. Managers have a natural responsibility for reviewing and managing performance, unfortunately, some managers allow the once-a year scheme to override the informal review that should take place on a regular basis.

Ignoring poor performance and challenging behavior in the work place can lead to this behavior becoming culture and the norm; we all get on so much better if everyone is treated with respect and dignity and when issues are dealt with fairly and openly. This programme will help you to know What to do when it all goes wrong * how to diffuse situations and deal with challenging behavior, it will tie in with GSK grievance and disciplinary policy and demonstrate how positive actions and compliance can not only improve their workplace and productivity but create a happy workforce.

Who will the course benefit?

Anyone in a position of managing or leading others will benefit from the message delivered by these managing performance training course.

Course Objectives

  • What is challenging behaviour and why does it occur?
  • How to provide feedback to difficult people
  • Understand the Disciplinary and Grievance procedure and know what to do in relation to non-compliance of this policy and how to apply policy and procedure
  • Understand the difference between bullying and firm management
  • Develop assertiveness skills


There is no particular requirements.

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