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Workshop Duration

1 day


To look at the structure of meetings, and how to make them more effective.

Course Objectives


Meetings: Why have them?

  • What can meetings achieve for us?
  • To meet, or not to meet, that is the question…..
  • 5 bad reasons for a meeting , What goes wrong and why?
  • What effect does this have on the organisation? , What goes well?

Meetings: Theory V Reality

  • Review of the traditional and modern meeting ‘roles’
  • Expectations and responsibilities
  • Predicting relationship interaction
  • Your scores and what they mean in your relationships

Conflict theory

  • What is conflict?
  • The 3 flags of conflict
  • The meeting agenda Minutes? What minutes?
  • The differences between the ‘ideal’ meeting and reality! Closing the gap

Planning Effective Meetings

  • Achieving maximum results in minimum time
  • Planning tools to make life easier ,Who, what, when, where, how, why?
  • Planning the ‘perfect’ meeting, Achievable meeting objectives
  • The key to shorter meetings, Giving in order to receive
  • Proactive communication, Tips and techniques for planning meetings
  • Feedback Putting it into practice: Planning a time-restricted meeting

Meetings: The Human Element

  • Starting on time, Dealing with lateness and interruptions
  • Recognising negative behaviours.
  • Tackling negative behaviours and promoting positive ones
  • Recognising barriers to an effective meeting
  • Verbal and non-verbal communications
  • Tips and techniques for running meetings. Controlling your meeting
  • Putting it into practise 2: Controlling a meeting

Follow Up

  • Why minutes don’t have to be painful
  • Actions and progression
  • Feedback
  • Getting results

Back To Reality

  • Planning for future meetings