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Workshop Duration

A 1 day course that explores the minute taker’s role in more detail.


Meetings are vital in many businesses, but often their effectiveness is lost because the information they provide isn’t recorded accurately or the actions required aren’t clearly communicated.

This course provides a variety of best-practice frameworks to help delegates filter the essential information from a meeting and record it in a useful, consistent way that they can adapt to the needs of their organisation.

Rather than relying on speedwriting, this course focuses on drawing out key points and making notes relevant to the needs of stakeholders in the room. It shows how to compile concise meeting notes, covering all key points without wasting words or time.

Who will the course benefit?

This course is suitable for anyone who is required to take formal, factual records of meetings and distribute action points afterwards. The courses can be tailored to include the templates for minutes used within an organisation and any associated guidelines.

It’s often chosen by PAs and administrators, but can be suitable for nearly any role. Typical challenges faced by delegates include filtering information and applying minute-taking best practice in the context of their own needs.

Course Content

  • A checklist of what should be included in minutes
  • An understanding of the important dynamics between the minute taker and chairperson
  • Using Active listening techniques to enhance concentration
  • Skills to present minutes clearly, accurately, and professionally
  • Detailed knowledge of what makes a great set of minutes
  • The ability to filter and summarise large amounts of information
  • How to overcome difficulties during and after the meeting
  • A blended learning experience allowing you to continue to develop skills in the workplace

Skills Gained

Examples of minute structures and their purpose are discussed and the delegates undertake exercises throughout the training to emphasise key points.  The minute taker’s role is explored in detail and there are opportunities to develop practical skills needed to be a minute taker.