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Workshop Duration

1 Day – For up to 12 delegates


Examples of report structures are discussed and the delegates undertake exercises throughout the training to emphasise key points. As appropriate the course would also contain a workshop element where delegates can work on a report writing issue they are dealing with. The courses can be tailored to include the report writing templates used within an organisation and any associated guidelines.

Who will the course benefit?

For staff involved in writing reports and the managers they write them for.  This is a very hands on course with numerous workshops

Course Content

  • Understand the aims of your report
  • The crucial difference between business writing and other forms of writing
  • How to choose an appropriate report structure
  • Report length – which is appropriate when
  • A systematic approach to producing a report – The 5 stage approach
  • Effective layouts and their role
  • How to approach writing a report – Writing styles
  • Writing in a persuasive style
  • Editing a report
  • Common pitfalls with grammar and spelling
  • Proofreading and polishing