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Workshop Duration

2 Days


Two highly interactive days with practical exercises to develop confidence and capability in creating and delivering effective, engaging and informative presentations. The presentations can be recorded and reviewed. Participants will have the opportunity to deliver up to 3 presentations over the two days and the facilitator and other participants will give feedback.

Who will the course benefit?

Anyone requiring to develop their presentation skills and techniques

For Day One: Preparation of a two-minute self-based presentation on any topic (without the use of slides)

For Day Two: Preparation of an upcoming 10-minute presentation using PowerPoint (no more than 3 slides)

Course Content

Day One

Presentation 1: Introductory self-based presentation

Why it is important to make effective and engaging presentations

What makes a great presentation:

  • Audience-who is the presentation intended for and winning them over from the outset
  • Structure-introduction, middle, close
  • Content and timings
  • The message that you want your audience to walk away with
  • Visual aids

Presentation 2: Introduction

Day Two

What have you implemented

  • Review of successes from Day one

How to deliver a presentation confidently

  • Non-verbal communication and building rapport
  • Coping with questions and challenges from the audience
  • Dealing with anxiety and nerves

Presentation 3: Putting it all together

  • An opportunity to edit and tailor, and to practice ready for upcoming presentations