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Workshop Duration

1 day


To ensure that delegates have the confidence and self-belief to deal with situations outside their comfort zone.  To ensure that delegates can influence a situation or person with more self-confidence and personal impact by using effective communication skills.

Who will the course benefit?

For people who lack confidence or self-belief in a work or social environment.  This course is suitable for people who struggle to communicate and come across with confidence and personal impact.

Course Objectives

Understanding why you lack self-confidence.

  • Seeing how you look and sound (practical exercise opportunity to be filmed and use video feedback optional).
  • Discovering how others see and perceive you.
  • Exploring the strengths and weaknesses of your natural communication style.
  • Adapting the way you communicate to deal confidently with a particular person or situation.
  • Making the very best first impression when you meet someone for the first time.
  • Setting focused objectives in your work and personal life and challenging yourself to think positively.
  • Knowing how to inspire and motivate yourself.
  • Feeling more comfortable when speaking in front of a group at work or socially.
  • Identifying and dealing with distracting body language or verbal habits.
  • Converting nerves or anxiety into positive traits that help rather than hinder you.
  • Demonstrating that you CAN communicate and act confidently! (Practical exercise).
  • Understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a listener and linking this to the way you are perceived by others.
  • Managing and dealing with interpersonal conflict assertively and sensitively.

Skills Gained

This course will enable delegates to:

  • Feel that their self-confidence and self-belief has been boosted significantly.
  • Be able to act and look confident when necessary.
  • Know how to adapt their communication style to influence a person or a situation.
  • Be able to use their physical presence and body language as an effective communication tool.
  • Be able to make the best first impression and to introduce themselves confidently.
  • Have the self-control to manage their nerves or anxiety.
  • Be able to deal with conflict positively, confidently, diplomatically and professionally.
  • Have the confidence to say “No” when appropriate.
  • Feel more motivated and positive and understand the importance of having focused personal objectives to achieve.

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