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Workshop Duration

1 day


This is a workshop that targets anyone where conflict needs to be managed and cannot seem to resolve it, whether internally or externally.

Who will the course benefit?

This programme enables individuals to understand motivational and conflict theory. Participants can come from all levels in the organisation, the common denominator being that they should all want to manage conflict more effectively. Whether the participants manage a team or not they will benefit from this event.

Course Objectives


Where are you now?

  • How effective are your current working relationships?
  • Can I work effectively without the input from others?
  • Who do you need to be a success?

The Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI)

  • An understanding of the theory
  • A ‘trip around the triangle’
  • Predicting relationship interaction
  • Your scores and what they mean in your relationships

Conflict theory

  • What is conflict?
  • The 3 flags of conflict
  • What are your conflict triggers?
  • Your conflict scores plotted
  • The conflict sequence

Conflict resolution strategies

  • Early warning signs
  • Most productive behaviours
  • Least productive behaviours
  • Preventable/unwarranted conflict
  • Review of the dynamic triangle
  • Review of the day, personal learning and action planning

Skills Gained

By the end of the day delegates will:

  • Know their key relationships and the strength of those relationships
  • Understand what is important to you and your key stakeholders
  • Know how motivational value systems can influence behaviour
  • Tailor your communication style to match that of your opposite party
  • Know conflict strategies to resolve conflict in others
  • Learn to be more assertive when challenging
  • Achieve key personal, departmental and organisational objectives