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Workshop Duration

2 Days


Knowing how to coach your team members so that their knowledge, skills and ability to generate results improves week on week, is a very difficult challenge. This programme concentrates on gaining consistency across different Team Leaders with their delivery of effective coaching to agents.

  • A video camera will be used through both days for practice of new skills and knowledge together with tutor lead feedback.

Who will the course benefit?

New and existing Team Leaders and Team Managers who are responsible for gaining results through other people.

Course Content

This course will show that coaching is a systematic and continuous developmental process, and to provide the delegate with the ability to identify different methods of improving agent performance and developing individual needs. To understand how a coach can become a source of inspiration for agents.

  • Introduction: What is coaching? What are the benefits to the agent, Team Leader and business? Objectives for the session + Learning Logs and Key Commitments Pages. Case Study – in small groups to assess consistency of actions, methodology and required results.
  • Coaching Methods: Different coaching methods – side by side, taped or remote listening – advantages and disadvantages of both.
  • The role of an effective coach
  • Learning styles: Using the Honey & Mumford Learning Styles questionnaire – find out your preferred learning style and those of your team.
  • 8 Phase Coaching Structure: The 8 phased Coaching Structure – ranging from skill evaluation to funnelling feedback and consolidation.
  • Handling agents: Handling difficult agents! Understanding how to engage agents who don’t want to be coached or see the point of it
  • Consolidation: Identifying key learning points from both days.

Skills Gained

Understand how to engage a staff member in identifying their own development needs. Use a proven coaching structure and demonstrate their ability to create ownership with their team members. Understand the power of Team Leader demonstration and how it is an essential part of the Coaching Process by having role models as Team Leaders. Identify individual learning styles and techniques that are tailored towards each staff member. Understand how to create a shift in performance during each coaching session and ensuring this is maintained between coaching sessions. Differentiate between feedback and coaching and the role each one has. Identify their own strengths and development areas as a coach through the use of video camera during the programme.