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Workshop duration

2 days

Course Overview:

Optimising Employee Involvement to Drive Results!

Some leaders tell us their stories of sleepless nights, gut- wrenching confrontation and workplace negativity; they confide how it wears them down.  Most managers spend over half their time working with a team.  This programme explains the four key stages on how to build a high performing team and reveals how to tap the creativity and potential of people at all levels in order to become an effective group leader.  It is a highly interactive, thought provoking, challenging but enjoyable course.

Who will the course benefit?

This two day programme is Ideal for individuals who have management responsibilities but no formal training, and are serious about developing their abilities. This programme works particularly well for managers who need to lead people through organisational change, budget cuts or other pressures.

Course Content

  • The role of the manager
  • Management process
  • Effective communication
  • Facilitating meetings
  • Motivation and leadership techniques and skills
  • Time management
  • The art and science of effective delegation
  • Understanding stress management
  • Managing discipline and conflict
  • Being an assertive manager
  • Change management
  • Your own communication style and it’s effects on staff performance
  • Learn different management styles for different situations

Skills gained

  • Characteristics of a High Performing Team
  • The importance of vision
  • Understanding group formation
  • Four leadership styles and when to apply according to group development
  • How individual differences which affect levels of motivation
  • The impact on an organisation performance, if employee motivation levels are low
  • How a theory of motivation can be used to improve performance levels
  • Identify behaviours which could develop and maintain trust at work
  • The role of communication in developing effective team working