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Workshop duration

2 days


Companies are increasingly focusing on teams to increase their competitive advantage by improving productivity, enhancing creativity, increasing response times, and improving decision making. Leading and developing high performing teams will result in more effective management of complex projects, quicker responses to rapidly changing environments, greater levels of performance and motivation, and increased commitment by individuals to their organisation’s goals.

A two-day classroom course. This highly practical, action focused course provides development and practice opportunities in the skills, behaviours and processes of both leading and building high performing teams.  The course uses a combination of presentations, group work, exercises, questionnaires and case studies to ensure delegates have the knowledge to use the tools.

Who will the course benefit?

Those who lead or aspire to lead a team, or who move between teams or work with other leadership teams from their own business, supply chain, contractors, etc.

Course objectives

  • Understand the characteristics and dynamics that create high performing teams.
  • Appreciate how teams evolve, communicate and develop, and how to build the capabilities required.
  • Explore the different roles that exist in effective teams, how individuals are motivated and how these affect performance.
  • Examine own leadership style and apply personal leadership styles and team working skills regardless of team composition.
  • Implement strategies to ensure effective team delivery leading to increased business value.

What you will gain

  • Create your leadership style to get the most out of your team.
  • Deal with situations that can demotivate teams.
  • Recognise when your team has any problem and what to do about it.
  • Increase self confidence and develop communication skills.
  • Understand how work flows
  • Deliver demand forecasts and properly resource allocation.


There is no particular requirements.

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