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Workshop Duration

2 days


This course provides clear direction on how to lead your sales team to achieve success through tried and tested techniques and methodologies, which will ensure optimum sales performance.

Who will the course benefit?

Anyone who is responsible for managing, motivating and maintaining the sales performance of their team members.

Course Objectives

  • To improve confidence when managing the performance of team members.
  • To manage difficult and uncomfortable situations
  • To Deal with a Passive-Aggressive Colleagues
  • To provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of how to generate results through other people
  • To provide an opportunity to deliver feedback and coaching within the training environment

Course Content

The Performance Manager

  • Define and explain what is the role of a Sales Performance Manager with case study

Giving and receiving feedback

  • How, when and where should feedback be delivered? Its role within your company? Consequences of providing feedback.
  • Identifying praise and developmental feedback you wish to deliver.
  • Exercise with video camera.

Leadership Styles

  • Introduce 4 main Leadership Styles in different situations with exercises to identify how to use the styles.

Sales performance management

  • What is a 1:1? How does it fit with all other activities?
  • Conducting effective 1:1’s.
  • Learning styles – questionnaire.
  • Steps of learning.
  • Learning zones.
  • Person profiling.


  • What is coaching? Why bother?
  • Your role as a coach.
  • GROW model & exercise.
  • Theory of coaching.

Learning Cycle and Coaching Structure

  • Preparing for a coaching session.
  • Using the learning cycle and coaching structure.

Feedback, key learning’s and commitments going forward

Review and Close

Skills Gained

  • Demonstrate by example how to manage and motivate their teams to achieve improved sales results.
  • Demonstrate their understanding and show by example how to use different leadership styles.
  • Define the role and responsibilities of the Performance Manager.
  • Deliver constructive, behaviour based feedback to Consultants.
  • Deliver effective coaching sessions that enhance the performance of individuals.
  • Understand the importance of having regular 1:1’s with each Consultants and how to effectively construct these sessions.
  • Identify their own personal action plans recognising strengths and weaknesses when implementing these skills.