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Workshop Duration

½ day workshop

(Written as half-day but could be expanded to day to include coaching or influencing using EI)


This programme provides managers with a detailed understanding of the key emotional intelligence skills and competencies managers need to develop high performance teams and maximise business performance. It also helps to enhance employee engagement in a practical and sustainable manner as well as improve quality and effectiveness.

Who will the course benefit?


Is any prior knowledge required?


Course Objectives

For most people success in all aspects of life is important and to achieve this success you not only need intelligence (IQ) you also need to be emotionally intelligent or to have emotional intelligence (EI).

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Explore what it means to make a personal impact
  • Have an awareness of how your own behaviour and actions influence others
  • Discuss situations where people have helped create a solution through adopting emotional intelligence
  • Demonstrate how to role model desired behaviour

Emotional Intelligence is based on some work done in the eighties and nineties and it shows that by adopting emotional intelligence as a manager is what can set you apart from the average and have an impact on those that you manage and those around you.

The course consists of some theory and is highly interactive and allows the delegates to explore the 5 step model starting with an analysis to help establish the current level of emotional awareness. The 5 step model is then worked through in detail and the concept of the 7 universal facial expressions of emotions are also briefly explored.

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