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Workshop duration

2 days


Every organisation can find itself on a journey where the interpretation of where it is going and how employees will know if you got there can be cloudy and down to direct line manager interpretation. This two-day programme will afford you with the opportunity to challenge vision, mission and structure of organisation and develop leadership and change skills to assist your company to expand and develop through the next generation of Management.

Who will the course benefit?

Experienced senior executives who are general managers or functional leaders, particularly those assuming new responsibilities or driving new growth initiatives for organisations.

What you will gain

  • State the purpose of organisations in the achievement of objectives and fulfilment of objectives
  • Identify a range of organisational structures and levels of management responsibility within them
  • Identify key management roles and functions
  • Explain the different styles of management and leadership and when to apply them
  • Recognise the difference between management and leadership
  • Identify and explain the role of key stakeholders in the organisation and their effect on leadership and management
  • Explain the importance of innovation and managing change within own organisation
  • Assess an opportunity for innovation and improvement in own organisation and justify the improvement identified, in the context of organisational objectives
  • Use a range of techniques to generate innovative options to deliver the improvement identified
  • Evaluate options for generating the proposed improvement to determine feasibility and viability
  • Create a change management plan that is designed to meet stakeholders’ expectations
  • Implement the change management plan, monitoring progress against agreed target.


There is no particular requirements.

How to book your space

If you would like to book onto a course or find out more information please fill out our contact form or call us on  01452 341869.