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To change people’s perspectives about life at work for the better.

Fish is about a new attitude, about having fun at work. It’s based on the team at the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, who enjoy their jobs so much that office workers come and watch them at work during their lunch break.

Fish! Changes people’s perception about the jobs they do. Even the most mundane jobs can be transformed if people choose to put energy and passion into them.  In fact, we show a 15 minute DVD that can change people’s view of work life all together.  It’s the perfect resource for improving teamwork, customer care, motivation and almost any other life skill.

It will help recruit and retain the talent a business needs, energise and excite people and bring them together to work towards a common, unifying goal.

Course objectives

  • PLAY: Have fun- it’s spontaneous and creative. Having fun at work motivates and makes people more productive.
  • Make their day: It’s infectious. Customers respond when people try to put a smile on their face
  • Be there: Get involved in the job, take an interest, open up opportunities and enjoy what’s being done. Be there for colleagues and customers
  • Choose your attitude: The bedrock of the philosophy. No one can make the decision to have a positive attitude but you. Feel great – it’s Monday morning.

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