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Overview – Course Content

  • Introductions
  • Role of the Manager
    The responsibilities and challenges of management
    What makes a good manager? – reasons for success and failure
    Best practice checklist for management as a support function
  • Foundations of Management
    Different management styles and their impact on people
    Knowing when to use which style
  • Management and Action Centred Leadership
    Recognising when to manage and when you to lead
    Getting an appropriate focus on: achieving the task
    Building and maintaining the team
    Developing and motivating the individuals
  • Leadership and Motivation
    Understanding motivation and what motivates – a personal analysis
    Motivation Vs incentivisation
  • Situational Leadership in the Management Role
    Knowing the stages of development of your people
    Applying the skills of directing, coaching, supporting and delegating
  • Objective Setting and Ensuring Clear Direction
    Understanding the value of goals and targets
    Ensuring buy-in
    The team member’s perspective of goals
    Setting effective goals, objectives and targets
  • Delegating Effectively
    The difficulties with delegation
    The consequences of not delegating effectively
    The nine point plan for effective delegation
  • Communication Skills
    Leading effective meetings
    Presenting difficult news
    Criticism and behaviour modifiers
  • Giving feedback
    The value of good feedback
    Feedback as a motivator
    Three models to assist in both Positive and Negative feedback
    Getting feedback to improve your performance
  • Decision Making
    Sharing responsibility
    Gaining buy-in to decisions
    When and how to share the decision making process
  • Working Upline
    Collaborating with your manager
    Effecting changes successfully
    Getting the support you need
  • Personal Action Plan
    In which the delegates record and share the actions they intend to take as a result of this workshop. This is intended as the basis for a debrief With the delegate’s manager on their return to the workplace

Who will the course benefit?

This workshop is aimed at people with no formal management training or those who would benefit from a refresher. It provides the delegates with a grounding in the necessary people skills to increase performance, maximise motivation and create a positive and ‘can-do’ working environment. It offers series of models to enhance results whilst improving communication and feedback.

Skills gained

By The End Of The Workshop Participants Will Be Able To:

  • Understand the dynamics of motivating and managing people
  • Recognise the stages of development of their people
  • Know how to modify their approach to empathise with the needs of the team members
  • Be more aware of individual motivational factors and how to apply them
  • Balance their activities between the achievement of objectives and the motivation and development of their people
  • Recognise the value of management as a support function
  • Create a personal development plan to continue improving the performance of the team