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Workshop duration

3 days


It is critical that organisations change – to keep ahead of the competition, to meet customer needs, to take advantage of new technology and thinking etc. We are all subjected to change in one way or another.

Why then do so many organisations fall short of successfully implementing change? Why do they fail to recognise that even the smallest change will have an immediate and often long-term impact on performance when not appropriately managed? Failure to recognise and take appropriate action at each stage of the change is costly both in terms of revenue and staff morale.

This course helps participants understand the effects of change, the likely reaction and impact on the people and the business. It defines practical ways to lead and manage people through the transition of change and to be better equipped for the next change ahead.

Who will the course benefit?

This course is designed for organisational leaders, executives and managers with responsibility for implementing and leading change.

Is any prior knowledge required?


Course Objectives

  • Identify and adapt an appropriate management style.
  • Understand and regulate the impact of your own style and behaviour on change initiatives.
  • Fully understand each stage of the transition curve and the underlying behaviours associated with each one.
  • Develop leadership strategies designed to move team members through the transition whilst maintaining performance.
  • Understand the impact of change on you as the leader and develop methods to better manage your own feelings and behaviours.
  • Create practical solutions to support the implementation of change.

Course Outline

  • What change?
    Recognise what constitutes change for different people?
  • The inevitable impact of change on the people in your business
    Understand the change transition in a new and unique way using a management game to highlight the stages, the pitfalls and the emotions.
  • Leadership in change
    Identify the real qualities and attributes of a change leader at each stage of the transition.
    Best practise leadership in change.
  • Manage your own Leadership performance
    Identify your own style of change leadership.
    Recognise the impact of your own emotions during change.
  • Strategies for managing and leading change
    Plan the change.
    Create the change you want.
    Utilise the skills and emotions of the team in change.
    Understand how to implement the cycle of change.