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Workshop duration

1 day workshop


This session is aimed at senior managers who are wishing to equip themselves with a range of skills that are required for effective, involving leadership. The skills for involving leadership are all about creating the energy needed to get things done. Before they come on the programme delegates will think about and make some notes on a situation where they need to build the confidence of their team so they can be successful.

Who will the course benefit?

Senior Managers

Course Objectives

By the end of the session, delegates will:

  • Make people feel positive
  • Generate the energy so people perform well
  • Give people the confidence to fulfil their potential
  • Emotionally engage people
  • Create a positive team climate

Skills Gained

  • Creating energy
  • Reading people’s energy levels
  • Getting people feeling positive
  • Building self-belief
  • Identifying your motivational needs and your team’s
  • Developing your motivational strategies and your team’s
  • Making people feel valued

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