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Workshop duration

2 days


In today’s competitive environment, organisational success is increasingly dependent on the people and teams within.  At its best, a team can be far greater than the sum of its parts – at its worst in-fighting and lack of clear leadership can have a detrimental effect on productivity.

Those present will learn from a real-life story about leadership and teams in the most arduous and trying of circumstances – and will be encouraged to make their own connections between this story and the challenges they are facing in their day-to-day working lives.

This two-day interactive and practical workshop will help participants develop the management and leadership skills required to get the best out of their teams.  They will be encouraged to relate theories and principles to their own working lives, and to prepare an action plan of what they plan to do differently as a result of the programme.

Participants will gain some valuable insights into how to develop and motivate teams, and how to create a culture of success.  They will also learn a great deal about themselves and the people around them

  • What is Leadership?  Kouzes and Posners’ model of Inspirational Leadership – and how this applies in practice
  • The role of the team leader:   How to balance the diverse demands of the leadership role – the task, the team and the individual
  • Situational Leadership:  Ken Blanchard’s 4 styles of leadership, when appropriate to use each and the benefits of a flexible approach.
  • Building blocks of effective teams:  An exploration into what needs to be present for the development of effective teams.
  • Vision:  The importance of a vision – how to create an inspiration vision and communicate this to the team.
  • Setting objectives:  Objectives that work for the organisation, the team and the individual, and planning to achieve them
  • Culture / Values:  The importance of clear contracting amongst  the team when developing a culture of success
  • Motivation:  An exploration of several motivational theories, and how to put them into practice.   Some tips for managing those who are not currently performing.
  • Strength Deployment Inventory:  An insight into our own motivational value system and that of others, including what happens when things are not going well
  • Giving effective feedback:  Some tips and techniques for giving objective feedback
  • Managing Change:  How to communicate necessary and appropriate change assertively.
  • Walking the talk:  Action planning session – how can participants act differently to model success?

Who will the course benefit?

This course is designed for team managers and leaders who would like to understand more about how to get the best out of their teams.

Course objectives

By the end of this workshop delegates will be able to:

  • Understand what inspirational team leadership involves
  • Understand and balance the diverse demands of team leadership
  • Appreciate the benefits of situational leadership – and understand when to adapt their style to suit the occasion and the individual.
  • Identify the building blocks which need to in place for successful team development
  • Understand the stages that teams go through while developing and take appropriate action at each stage
  • Create an inspirational vision of success and communicate this to their teams
  • Appreciate the importance of clear contracting with regards to team culture
  • Apply some practical tools to engage and motivate their teams
  • Understand what makes different people tick
  • Set objectives for themselves and their teams, and plan to achieve these.

Skills gained

  • Give effective and objective feedback
  • Communicate and manage change assertively