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In a working environment, a clear structure is vital. Having leadership roles will not only motivate employees and enable workers to have a clear point of call, but also ensure the company is running smoothly and all tasks are completed.

However, it is crucial for managers and others in leadership roles to know how to successfully drive their team members. Whether you are a new manager or are looking to develop your managing skills, this training programme can provide a clear and defined path to successful management.

Our Management Training course can be delivered in 2 days, dependent on the level of knowledge and ability currently held. It aims to enable a quick and developed understanding of the skills required for efficient management. Focusing on the role of the manager, the course follows how to manage effectively and what processes to follow and delegate for a successful outcome.

Participants can tailor the course and include specific company processes, procedures, and philosophies, aiding you in feeling prepared in your new skills of management. With these key skills, you can return to work feeling highly determined and confident to manage your team within everyday work life.

Work behaviour is important especially within management. This course will leave you with the skillset to develop trust and loyalty within your team, whilst also enabling you to gain knowledge of effect ways to set goals, allocate duties, manage performance, and relay any feedback.

Who will the course benefit?

This course is designed for new or existing managers.

Course content

  • The role of the manager
  • Management process
  • Effective communication
  • Facilitating meetings
  • Motivation and leadership techniques and skills
  • The difference between Leadership and Management
  • Time management
  • The art and science of effective delegation
  • Understanding stress management
  • Managing discipline and conflict
  • Being an assertive manager
  • Change management
  • Your own communication style and its effects on staff performance
  • Learn different management styles for different situations

Skills gained

  • All underpinning knowledge and skills to be a successful manager
  • Ability to deliver assertive statements
  • Manage situations correctly and positively
  • Hold successful staff meetings
  • Understand how you affect those around you.