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Workshop duration

2 days


The aim of the programme is to introduce the leadership team to both the values and behaviours required to effectively manage in a consultative sales environment.  Understanding both excellent behaviours and how to achieve that within a team and employee engagement, knowing what factors positively influence this.  The underlying theme is to ensure leaders are clear about the activities and leadership styles they should adopt to achieve Exceptional Customer Experiences.

Course objectives

This course will enable delegates to:

  • Know the relationship between values, behaviour and brand within the leadership team
  • Understand how to avoid activities which create ‘smash and grab’ sales cultures and how to develop a true ‘consultative sales’ environment
  • Using the’ Fish Philosophy’ and the ‘Game of Selling’ begin the development of a team ‘Blue Print’ to ensure consistent exceptional leadership
  • Through practical exercises develop and advanced knowledge of how to receive and deliver feedback to maintain high levels of motivation and skills
  • Build clarity around the activities which achieve high levels of employee engagement
  • Develop a personal plan of how to maximise the learning from the programme and embed this in the ‘real world’

Skills gained

  • Developing team culture to ensure ‘Exceptional Customer Experiences’
  • Feedback skills to enhance excellent behaviour
  • Support and Challenge methods to grow and maintain employee engagement
  • How to behave to achieve Win/Win outcomes
  • Strong understanding of leadership engaging language to influence effectively
  • Leadership style establishment
  • Course Content
  • Dealing with the new reality: new demands and insufficient resources
  • Red-Blue-Black: planning personal capacity
  • Doing what matters most: identifying your values
  • Getting down to it: setting goals for yourself
  • “Mind like water”: getting into a productive state
  • Million Dollar tasks: it’s about managing focus not managing your time
  • Highest intent: negotiating effectively in the world of “win-win”
  • Think and Grow Successful: lifelong learning and investing in yourself

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