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Course Summary

In this course, you’ll learn intermediate skills using Microsoft Office Visio Professional, including creating organisational charts, network diagrams, customised charts and graphs, and cross-functional flowcharts.

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Course Duration:-
1 day
Delegates will need to have good working knowledge of the package. A good knowledge of MS Windows and familiarity with using a Windows based application such as word processing.
This course is rated as an Advanced Course, suitable for accomplished computer users.
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This course is aimed at users who wish to improve their existing Visio Skills.

Course Content


  • Drawing a Flowchart using the connector tool
  • Adding a hyperlink
  • Numbering shapes
  • Cross functional flowcharts

Organisation Charts

  • Creating an organisation chart
  • Changing the layout of shapes in your organisation chart
  • Custom properties

Create drawings for Presentations

  • Creating a marketing or matrix diagram
  • Create a pie chart
  • Creating a block diagram with perspective
  • Adding clip art
  • PowerPoint & Visio
  • Inserting from Visio into PowerPoint
  • Linking between Visio and PowerPoint

Diagram your Computer Network

  • Network diagrams

Creating Office Layouts

  • Creating an office layout using a room shape
  • Creating an office layout using space shapes
  • Using layers to distinguish office components
  • To assign a shape to another layer in your drawing
  • Drawing to scale

Other Business Drawings: Graphs

  • Creating a 3d Bar Graph
  • Creating customised chart and graph
  • Shapes using a Wizard
  • Creating line graphs

Printing in Visio

  • Print preview
  • Orientation to the printer page orientation
  • To reduce or enlarge the size of a printed drawing to make it fit.