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Workshop duration

2 days


This is a very fast paced course intended to cover more in-depth topics

Who the course will benefit?

Delegates who have a requirement to produce more advanced queries, forms reports, and run automated procedures using Macros


Must have attended the 2 day Introduction course previously and used the system since for database design

Course Content

Advanced Queries

  • Overview of basic Queries
  • Specifying criteria
  • Joining fields
  • Queries with multiple tables
  • Calculations within Queries
  • Creating a Parameter field
  • Detailed use of the Expression builder

Action Queries

  • Creating tables using Queries
  • Deleting records using Queries
  • Appending records using Queries
  • Crosstab Queries
  • Duplicate Queries
  • Match and Unmatch Queries

Transferring Data

  • Importing data into Access from other database packages
  • Importing from a Spreadsheet application
  • Exporting data from access
  • Copying records between tables

Main Forms and Subforms

  • Creating a Subform
  • Adding a Subform to an existing form
  • Editing the Subform
  • Creating relationships between Forms
  • Linking Forms

Advanced Forms and Reports

  • Advanced Calculated Fields
  • Using the Expression Builder
  • Detailed Field Properties
  • Report Grouping
  • Creating a Switchboard
  • Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

Macros Basics

  • Creating a macro
  • Running a macro
  • Attaching macros to push buttons
  • Automation Macros
  • Event Macros
  • Conditional Macros

Automated Front End

  • Automating the system
  • Creating a Front End Menu Form
  • Automatic Loading of Front End Menu
  • Custom Toolbars

Additional Features

  • Database Utilities
  • Improved Security
  • Compact and Repair

Toolbars and Menu Bars

  • Customising The Toolbars
  • Creating Toolbars and Menus