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Once you’ve mastered the basics of Google Sheets, it’s time to explore some more advanced skills which may be useful in sectors including digital marketing, web development, game development, and finance.

Our one-day advanced google sheets course covers advanced formulas and functions, tools for finding and analyzing data, and how to work across google sheets and Microsoft Excel.

Out of all the Google apps on the cloud, learning Google sheets is perhaps the most beneficial for a business setting. The application enables you to enter and pull data and draw conclusions about what’s driving profit for your company. It can also be used as a simple CRM, collecting data on your leads and clients to better target your sales and marketing.

Course Duration:

1 Day

Subject Areas:

  • • Google Sheets compatibility with MS Excel
    • Sharing Sheets via n the Cloud
    • Performing spreadsheet calculations using Date & Time
    • Highlighting Changes to your data with Formatting Rules
    • Finding data using VLOOKUP and INDEX & MATCH
    • Nesting Logical Functions – IF, AND, OR, ISERROR


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