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Workshop Duration

1 Day


On successful completion of the course, delegates will be able to quickly create high-impact, dynamic presentations, while integrating workflow.  This will include text, bullets, charts, tables, graphics and organisational charts, the running of slideshows using transitions, builds and animation effects, applying templates and creating masters.


Delegates must have attended Windows Introductory course, or have an equivalent working knowledge of the Windows environment

Who will the course benefit?

Potential or first time users of Powerpoint who wish to gain an in-depth introduction to this application

Course Content

Exploring the Powerpoint Environment

  • Explore the User Interface
  • Explore the Ribbon and Contextual Menus
  • Use Microsoft Powerpoint Help
  • Customize the Quick Access Toolbar

File Management

  • Opening new and existing presentations
  • Closing and saving files to different folders
  • Modifying the Page layout e.g. Orientation
  • Print Preview and Printing slides

Working with Text Slides

  • Using the Title and Body area
  • Creating/modifying bulleted/numbered lists
  • Using the ruler for tabs and indents
  • Using the Grid

Text Enhancements

  • Modifying the text attributes
  • Changing text colour, size and font
  • Adding bold, underline and italics
  • Borders, Shading, 3D Shadows
  • Repositioning the text on the screen

Producing Graphs

  • Accessing and editing the datasheet
  • Changing the chart type e.g. Pie, 3D Bar
  • Formatting the Chart, Editing embedded chart
  • Copying charts from Excel

Inserting Tables

  • Inserting and Modifying a Table
  • Applying formats – borders/shading
  • Copying tables from Word and Excel

Graphical Objects

  • Inserting Autoshapes
  • Selecting and Grouping Objects
  • Sizing and Moving Objects
  • Rotating and Flipping Objects
  • Altering Stacking order of Objects
  • Changing the colours, patterns
  • Centring objects about a point
  • Cut, Copy, Paste and Duplicate
  • Action Buttons and Action Settings

Organisational Charts and Diagrams

  • Creating and Editing Organisational
  • Charts and Diagrams

Inserting Objects

  • Inserting a Clipart, SmartArt Diagrams
  • Ungrouping Clipart pictures
  • Inserting Pictures, WordArt, Movies

Working With The Different Views

  • Outline view – for text
  • Slide View, Normal View, Preview
  • Slide Sorter View – moving, copying and deleting slides
  • Notes Pages
  • Multiple Masters and Templates
  • Custom Slide Layouts

Creating Slide Shows

  • Creating an effective slideshow
  • Adding transitions to slides and builds to bullets
  • Slide Sorter View – moving, copying and deleting slides
  • Animation and Custom Schemes
  • Custom Shows

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