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Overview – 

This two-day course goes beyond just the basics and includes a comprehensive look at using Power BI Desktop, as well as Microsoft’s Power BI Pro online service.

With Power BI, you get a report authoring tool that enables you to connect to and transform data from a wide variety of sources. This allows you to then produce detailed reports through a comprehensive range of visualizations.

The reward is to then be able to share those reports with your team inside or outside of your organisation, simply by publishing them to Power BI online service.

This course allows you to gain a thorough understanding of the complete Power BI cycle by working with real-world examples and will equip you with the necessary skills to start applying your knowledge straight away.

Prerequisites  – 

There are no specific technical pre-requisites for this course, but a familiarity with Excel and/or Relational Database Technologies may be beneficial. The main pre-requisite is to have a basic understanding of your business’s need to collect, cleanse, analyse and deliver insights and visualisations of your business data

Objectives – 

  • Power BI Desktop Concepts and Main Features
  • Data Sources compatible with Power BI Desktop
  • Connecting to Data with Power BI Desktop
  • Explore Data Visualizations
  • Apply Common Query Tasks to Shape Data in Power BI Desktop
  • Create and publish Reports

Subject Areas – 

  • Getting Started
  • Getting Data
  • Transform and Append Data
  • Build a Data Model
  • Manage Table Relationships Merge Queries
  • Create Report Visualizations
  • The Power Query Editor
  • The M Formula
  • Pivot and Unpivot Data
  • Group Data in Power Query
  • Introduction to New Column Formulas
  • Introduction to DAX Measures
  • Introduction to Time Intelligence
  • Hierarchy, Groups and Conditional Formats
  • Publish and Share Your Report Online
  • The Power BI Mobile App
  • Apply your learning