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Workshop duration

1 day

Who the course will benefit?

This course is aimed at existing MS Project users whom have specific training requirements.

Course Content

Work with Objects and Drawing Tools

  • Insert Clip Art, Spreadsheets, Word Documents
  • Organization Charts
  • Using Drawing Tools
  • Linking Objects to Tasks or Dates
  • Show / Hide Embedded Objects

Adding Hyperlinks

  • Internal Hyperlinks
  • Link to Word Bookmarks
  • Link to Excel Range Names
  • Hyperlink Table

Advanced Grouping & Filtering

  • Create Custom Groups
  • Create Custom Filters
  • Use organiser to transfer them

Advanced Tables and Views

  • Creating Custom tables
  • Formatting tables
  • Formatting Gantt Chart bar styles
  • Change Gantt chart View options (link lines)
  • Copy views, Create new views and customise them
  • Use Organiser to transfer filters, groups, tables, calendars, views, reports
  • Understanding the Global.mpt

Advanced Formatting

  • Using and Applying Templates

Resource / Task Allocations Advanced

  • Using split views with task usage and resource usage
  • Using the task usage to deal with overallocations
  • Resource chart
  • Enter overtime
  • Share workload
  • Team Planner
  • Recurring tasks
  • Updating project
  • Comparing project versions


  • Custom Reports
  • Edit report text styles
  • Edit report printing options
  • Edit a report structure using tables filters and groups
  • Create a new report using new tables filters and groups
  • External report options (visual reports in other Apps)

Multiple Projects

  • Advantages and Disadvantages over summary tasks
  • Sharing Resources (resource pool)
  • Inserting Subproject’s
  • Subproject options
  • External Predecessors and Successors
  • Using the WBS
  • Defining the WBS

Interaction with Outlook

  • Email update tasks
  • Team assign
  • Team status

Project Server Overview

  • A brief demonstration and overview of using Project Server / SharePoint

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