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Benefits of Using Office 365 For Your Business

When you are assessing whether a piece of software is the right option for your business, just being one of the biggest names in the industry isn’t enough.  You want to know it has the features you need that produce benefits that help you.  So, when the software in question is Office 365, what are … Continued

How To Get Started With Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is one of the pieces of software within Microsoft’s Office suite that is used to create a range of professional documents.  It can create newsletters, postcards, flyers and brochures with a range of ready-made templates and the ability to customise them to match with your business branding. Publisher is an easier to use … Continued

Microsoft SharePoint Explained

There’s no doubt that most of us will have used some of Microsoft’s software in our daily working lives.  Word and Excel, Outlook, these are all popular pieces of software that help us complete a range of business tasks.  But what about SharePoint?  What is this Microsoft tool and what can it do? What is … Continued

How important is training in Microsoft Office?

How important is training in Microsoft Office? Whether you are considering training for yourself to advance your skillset or for your employees, one popular area is training in Microsoft Office. This popular suite of products has been the industry standard for word processing and spreadsheets for many years and it is very possible to learn … Continued