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Microsoft 365 Training: 7 Reasons Why You Need It

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is the cloud-based version of Microsoft’s popular suite of products that incorporates Word, Excel, Outlook and more.  Many businesses are switching to this rather than using the old system where you received a physical CD to install.  But what about Microsoft 365 training?  Does your staff need it, and does it benefit your business?  The answer to both is yes and here’s why.

The benefits of Microsoft 365

Before we dive into the reasons you need training for staff using Microsoft 365, it is worth just going over the benefits of using it if you have not yet made the switch.

·       Cloud based, work anywhere

Perhaps the biggest benefit for modern businesses is that Microsoft 365 is cloud based and this means staff can work from anywhere and simply access it via the internet.  Once, you would have needed a connection to the home network and server where the software was stored in order to use it.  Now, as long as you have an internet connection, you have access.

·       Great collaboration features

Because it is cloud-based, a whole range of improved collaboration features were also possible.  This lets people edit a document, work on the same version with real time changes and directly access files, rather than having to send attachments.  This helps with accuracy, productivity and also security.


·       Instant updates, subscription based

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based service that allows you to choose the elements you need and to avoid paying for those you don’t.  Not only that but it incorporates instant updates because it is cloud based that means you don’t need to manually action an update or risk using an out-of-date version.

·       Top of the line security

Finally, Microsoft has layered a number of security features into the software to ensure that it is as safe as possible.  This includes data loss prevention checks for sensitive information, encrypted email and mobile device management.  There’s also advanced threat analytics (ATA) that uses machine learning to look for suspicious behaviour on the network and notify you of it.

Reasons to get training on Microsoft 365

As you can see, if you haven’ already converted to Microsoft 365 for your business, it is definitely worth doing.  But when you make this change, do you need to have training for your staff, or can they just muddle through using the various options incorporated into the packages?

·       Improve productivity

While some of the basic features of Microsoft 365 are very simple to master, many of the more in-depth options such as formulas in Excel or using collaborative cloud features take a little more adaptation.  As a result, time can be lost while people try to figure out what to do or how to do it.  Therefore, the right training improves productivity because it gives staff the tools they need to use the software quickly and efficiently for the tasks at hand.

·       Make use of collaboration features

There are loads of ways to collaboration on 365 and not all of these are intuitively obvious.  The best way to get the most from the software is to ensure employees have training.  Not only does this help them use the features but also reduces the risk that they use them incorrectly and inadvertently create a security issue such as a data protection problem.

·       Ease of internal communication

By having training on the use of Microsoft elements such as Teams, email and shared calendars, internal communications can be minimalised and streamlined, saving time and improving efficiency.  Staff will no longer need to pick up the phone and call someone to see if they are free for a meeting, they will learn how to view that person’s calendar and send a meeting request.

·       Staff can work from anywhere efficiently

The desire to work flexible and to work from home is something many businesses now face and by training staff on using Microsoft 365, they can ensure it is easy and efficient for staff to work wherever they want.  With the security features in the software, working from home is easy and providing the right training ensures that staff know how to use these features so they can ensure safe working practices.

working from home

·       Learn to use mobile devices

Training also incorporates the use of mobile devices with the different software options.  This includes things like taking calls on Skype or syncing your calendar on your mobile device, so you always know where you need to be.  Having trained on this ensures staff use the options accurately and fully to bring the benefits of this to the business.

Benefits for employees

While there are numerous benefits for the business in having staff trained in Microsoft 365, there are also benefits for employees.

·       Investment in the future

Having formal training on Microsoft 365 is something staff can put on their resume but also shows their employer wants to invest in them.  This helps with staff loyalty and the feeling they are valued but also provides them with skills that can be used in other roles within the business.

·       Sure, in what they do

No-one likes to feel uncertain using software or a tool and this often leads to avoiding it entirely.  By offering training for staff, you can ensure they are confident in using all of the features of Microsoft 365, get the most from the software and are sure in what they do.  This will also improve productivity and save resources as they don’t need to constantly check if they are using things properly.

Benefits for all

There’s no doubt that quality Microsoft 365 training is a benefit for everyone within the business.  As business owners, you ensure staff are using the software you provide to the fullest, improving productivity and ensuring security.

As employees, you feel valued and confident in what you are doing and can also have options for working remotely that might otherwise not be available.  This means it is a worthwhile benefit for any type of business who plans to use Office 365 for their daily operations.

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