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Office 365 Training: 7 Reasons Why You Need It

Office 365 is the cloud based version of Microsoft’s popular suite of products that incorporates Word, Excel, Outlook and more.  Many businesses are switching to this rather than using the old system where you received a physical CD to install.  But what about Office 365 training?  Does your staff need it, and does it benefit … Continued

Why You Need Excel Training In Your Company?

Microsoft Excel remains one of the leading spreadsheet software options available with businesses of all kinds around the world using it.  While many of the features are relatively easy to use, to get the most from Excel, it is often best to get training.  But why would you need to have training in Excel for … Continued

Benefits of Using Office 365 For Your Business

When you are assessing whether a piece of software is the right option for your business, just being one of the biggest names in the industry isn’t enough.  You want to know it has the features you need that produce benefits that help you.  So, when the software in question is Office 365, what are … Continued

6 Customer Service Tips to Build Stronger B2B Relationships

If you are in a business to business or B2B industry, it may seem that customer service isn’t as important.  After all, your customers are in business too, they get it.  But this isn’t the case.  Just as B2C customers have high expectations of customer service, B2B customers also require a certain standard.  By achieving … Continued

The Most Useful Shortcuts In Microsoft Excel

There are lots of reasons to use Microsoft Excel for your business.  Being an industry leader filled with high-quality features, part of a great package of software and integrating with many other software solutions are just a few.  But when it comes to using Excel, one of the best parts about it are the shortcuts. … Continued

How To Get Started With Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is one of the pieces of software within Microsoft’s Office suite that is used to create a range of professional documents.  It can create newsletters, postcards, flyers and brochures with a range of ready-made templates and the ability to customise them to match with your business branding. Publisher is an easier to use … Continued

An In-Depth Look At Our Excel Courses

There are many different spreadsheet software options available but one of the oldest and definitely the most widely used is Microsoft Excel.  Used by businesses around the world, it allows the effortless collection of data, creating charts and helping people run their business more efficiently.  Having the right skills with Excel can be a key … Continued