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5 Reasons to Learn How to Use Microsoft Power BI

As far back as 2016, there were already more than five million subscribers to Microsoft Power BI. 

The application is a powerful interactive tool for generating data visualisations and is primarily focused on business intelligence.  

At its simplest, Microsoft Power BI pulls together data and turns it into graphs and charts that provide easily-processed business insights. However, ss with many of Microsoft’s applications, there is a lot more it can do. 

If you’re thinking about learning how to use Microsoft Power BI, you will no doubt want to know how it can benefit you. If so, read on as we take a look at some of the key reasons why it’s definitely worth learning Power BI. 

1. Power BI Skills Are Needed in a Wide Range of Fields 

Learning Power BI also gives you a broad range of options in terms of the types of businesses you might want to work in. 

Microsoft Power BI is used by such varied businesses as Apple and 20th Century Fox. It’s used by businesses in fields such as manufacturing, banking, healthcare, education, insurance, construction, life sciences, utilities, petrochemical industries, and many, many more. 

If you’ve got strong Power BI skills, then you have the potential to find a position in a huge range of different fields. It means that the world really is your oyster. 

2. It’s Useful for a Wide Range of Different Roles 

When you have Microsoft Power BI skills, there are a number of different positions that you can apply them in. 

Some of the most common roles for people with a strong knowledge of Power BI include: 

  • Data Analyst 
  • Business Intelligence Analyst 
  • Software Engineer 
  • Business Intelligence Developer 
  • Power BI Developer 
  • Power BI Project Manager 
  • Power BI Administrator
  • Power BI Consultant 

As you can see, Power BI skills open you up for a wide range of different positions, some of which would not be open to those who don’t have a good grounding in Power BI. By mastering Power BI, you open yourself up to a wider range of potential roles, many of which will come with a significant bump in your pay packet. 

3. It’s Not Overly Challenging With the Right Training 

Although Microsoft Power BI is a powerful application with sophisticated features, it’s also something that isn’t hugely onerous to learn, with the right training. 

You can pick up the basics fairly swiftly, but if you want to really unleash the full power of Power BI, then a high-quality training course can help you take your skills to the next level. The beauty of these types of courses is that you can learn using your own business data, meaning at the end of the course you’ll have some useful business insights that you can apply in the real world. 

If you want to harness the most powerful features of Microsoft Power BI, such as data modelling with DAX, or using custom advanced visuals, then it’s definitely best to get training from Microsoft Certified trainers. This will allow you to learn the best practices and shortcuts, meaning you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  

4. Expand Your Own Knowledge and Understanding 

Learning how to use Microsoft Power BI teaches you more than just the ins and outs of one specific piece of software. The knowledge that you will pick up has a much broader range of applications.  

Learning about Power BI and how it works allows you to develop and enrich your own understanding of a wide range of different topics such as relational database technologies, data visualisations, cleaning data, creating analytics reports, and more.  

The deeper your understanding of these kinds of topics, the more effective you can be in your role, and the more knowledge you have to offer when looking for a new position. 

5. It’s One of the Most Popular BI Tools Out There 

Microsoft has a long history of creating high-quality, feature-packed software. Microsoft Power BI is no exception; it’s considered one of the best BI tools available. Power BI desktop is an incredibly powerful application that is used by some of the biggest businesses in the world. 

Since Microsoft Power BI is so popular, it means that there will always be demand for people who have strong Power BI skills. If you’re proficient in Power BI, or even better, can show certification to show that you have completed relevant training courses, then you’re always going to be in demand across a wide range of different businesses. 

It also means that any skills you learn in your current position are likely to be transferrable when you make the next step in your career, since Power BI is found in so many companies. 

Ready to Learn How to Use Microsoft Power BI? 

If you’d like to reap some of the benefits that learning Microsoft Power BI can offer, then we’re here to help. 

We offer a range of Microsoft Power BI training courses, from a one-day introduction through to our advanced course for experienced Power BI users. We can also deliver on-site Power BI training in your own UK office, or even worldwide.  

We encourage delegates to use their own corporate data to make their training relevant and instantly applicable. 

We also offer a wide range of other IT courses, including Microsoft Excel, Dynamics 365, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Sharepoint, and Microsoft Access. Beyond IT, we offer leadership, personal impact, and customer service training courses.  

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