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An In-Depth Look at Microsoft Office 365: Your Everyday Office Essential

When it comes to the most recognised and well-known office software, Microsoft Office 365 always tops the list.  Recognised as the industry standard, this software has been the go-to option for all kinds of business for many years and it is now available in a variety of formats including desktop and mobile apps with Microsoft Office 365.  Here’s a look at what is included in the package and what can be done with it.


Microsoft Word is the word processing software at the heart of Office 365.  The current version allows you to access documents from all previous version and includes all of the classic features as well as range of new sharing ones.

Word allows you to create a huge range of documents including reports, letters and resumes.  It incorporates a range of features that makes it more advanced than a standard plain text editor including spelling and grammar checks, text and font formatting, page layout options and even HTML support.

There is the option to save files in a range of file types with the .doc being the standard word processing document.  Other options including .txt. and .pdf.  The Office 365 version also integrates with other software in the suite and allows easy collaboration with other users.


Excel is Microsoft’s spreadsheet application and allows you to perform a range of basic and complex calculations, create graphs and pivot tables from the data you add and also to use macros.  It uses the basic functions of a spreadsheet which including cells in rows and columns with a sheet basis.

You can also use Excel for specific tasks such as applications made with complex numerical methods – this allows code to be written directly into the editor and organised.  It is also used for diverse tasks such as bookkeeping and accounting, data tracking, analytics and much more.

The software comes with a range of templates to help you use it quickly and you can collaborate with others in the same organisation.


PowerPoint is a slideshow presentation program that lets you create visually appealing presentations.  The software makes it quick and easy to create presentations including options to have auto-generates slides to fill in with data and ensure the process is a speedy one.

Once you have created the presentation, it can be shared with others or used to present on a big screen at an event or meeting.  The Office 365 version includes ease of collaboration to allow multiple people to work on one presentation.  There are also a range of templates available in the program to help make quick presentations.


OneNote may be the most versatile part of Microsoft Office 365.  It is a digital notebook software that lets you keep notes, checklists and a whole range of other information in notebooks that are automatically updated across all versions of the app.

OneNote is ideal for collaboration projects where people can add ideas, notes and progress reports into a shared notebook.  There are a range of features built into the notes to use including creating tables and checklists as well as the ability to type, highlight or even add ink annotations to pages.  You can tag importation information, add mixed media and organise the pages, sections and even notebooks to make them easy to use.


Outlook is the email inbox program that comes with Office 365 but does a lot more than just help you see your emails.  It contains a range of tools including calendar, contacts, notes and appointments.

You can connect email accounts from many different providers to Outlook and send and receive emails through it – including Gmail, Yahoo and more.  You can also use the different features such as the calendar feature to sync with Google Calendar.  It includes intelligent reminders that learn from your emails and calendar events to add reminders and prompts to make life easier such as bill reminders or travel plan prompts.


OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage solution that comes with most of its Office 365 plans.  There are various ways to use this depending on what your organisation needs.  One of the main ways it is used is to store documents and files so they can be easily accessed but hard drive storage isn’t needed within the business.

OneDrive is also ideal for collaboration.  Multiple people in different locations can have access to the file and work on it easily.  People can grab documents, photos or graphics from shared files and download to their own computer to use.  It has built in security features and real time updates.

Other software

In addition to the core parts of Microsoft Office 365 mentioned above, there are also a couple of extras available on the higher plans for teams that you may want to consider.


SharePoint shares files, news, resources and data to allow for ease of collaboration inside and outside the company.  It works across all devices including desktops and mobile devices and forms an intranet for the company to create simple and effective communications.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication hub software that allows for real time collaboration and discussion.  It creates an online hangout where team members can chat, meet and share files as well as co-work on projects.

Why choose Microsoft Office 365?

While there are other options available for the features included within Microsoft Office 365, there is a strong case for using it.  One of the top reasons is that the security levels within the software are top notch – Microsoft takes security very seriously and all of their software and apps use the latest levels of security.

Free programs may be available, but the cost of MS Office is still very budget-friendly and can even be spread over monthly payments.  The collaboration features included within it are ideal for people working in different locations, freelancers working with clients or larger companies with people spread around a single location.

Finally, the vast range of third party integrations with Office mean there is a huge ecosystem for businesses to use.  From learning to use the software to integrating with other systems you use, there are far more options for Office than for almost any other software option available.


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