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Aventria have been managing property disposal for some of the UK’s largest lenders and law firms for over a decade. The technology, people and process are tried and tested, and they offer you and your clients complete peace of mind. Each property is dealt with as an individual project, with the specific needs of the property attended to in detail.

Business Requirement

We were approached by Aventria to create and deliver 2 bespoke courses in Customer Service and Sales.  Our approach to training and development is to make a difference and we do this by delivering training programmes that inspire people to think differently, behave differently and continue to make a difference when they return to the workplace.  Preparation is of paramount importance and the first point of call was for us to understand their business, and the following points were addressed through a phone call with Aventria and the consultant: –

  • What outcomes are you looking for?
  • What are your measurable objectives? What are the current skill gaps?
  • What is the current level of knowledge and experience of staff?
  • Do you have a call handling process in place or are you looking for a process to be developed from scratch?
  • Vision, brand and culture of your business.
  • The goals, objectives and strategy for the business /department or area
  • Areas of concern to address in training e.g. how to deal with vulnerable people
  • Create aligned capabilities – skills, knowledge, behaviours, & standards for area of development

Aventria put together a list of requirements and with the results from the above we created the bespoke course that was pitched at the exact level.

Gemma – “We really enjoyed the session’s. For my team this was especially very useful as we struggle daily with complaints and difficult customers. We are definitely going to use the information.   Everyone who took part has said Jacqui is great and explained all aspects well.  So far today I have had nothing but positive feedback from all our staff members here and I myself enjoyed it too. Thank you for providing such a good service and for your assistance”.