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Network Rail own and operate the railway infrastructure in England, Wales and Scotland on behalf of the nation.  That’s 20,000 miles of track, 40,000 bridges and viaducts and thousands of tunnels, signals, level crossings and points. They also manage rail timetabling and 18 of the largest stations in England, Scotland and Wales.  They operate nationally and employee over 34,000.

Business Requirement

Network Rail sought to improve collaboration within the business and their staff nationally. Having upgraded to Office 365 in 2020 they found that staff were unfamiliar with how to use it and instead of being aided by timesaving software it encumbered them. Network Rail selected Elliott Training as a trusted provider to not only train and upskill their staff, but get them onboard with using all aspects of Office 365 (Power BI, Excel, Project, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Word) and increase efficiency.

What we provide

Elliott Training have been working with Network Rail for the last 4 years devising and delivering approximately 10 courses per month on the various MS Office products primarily Power BI, Excel VBA (Introduction and Advanced) and Excel virtually through Teams.

We always manage the demands of courses by cherry picking trainers from our database of trainers, who are highly commended and receive excellent comments.  We acknowledge all emails from Network Rail within 2 hours, have never cancelled a course (always managed to find cover if required) and operate a 4.8 average out of 5 for all our Trainers and Courses evaluations.

We are responsible for booking and organising the trainers, sending joining instructions to the delegates, printing and sending the manuals so they arrive on time at each location, ensuring all the Network Rail forms are completed, signed, and returned back to Network Rail within 2 days of the course, as well as presenting all the evaluation scores back to them on a monthly basis and certificates.


The client noted post training:

  • Staff came away with lots of useful tips and tricks
  • Easier flow of staff collaboration and communications enabled by consistent and better use of MS Office
  • Better understanding of how everything integrates
  • Improved staff morale from being invested in


If you’re looking for a company that wants to provide a high-level of training, and will work with you to ensure the training fits your company’s needs,then Elliott Training is the right partner for you.