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GKN is the original aerospace innovator. For decades, GKN technologies have inspired and industrialized the aerospace industry, combining engineering excellence and technology leadership.  They employee over 17,500 in more than 54 manufacturing locations in 14 countries around the world.  Their aero structures, engine systems and special products improve the performance of more than 100,000 flights every day.

Business Requirement

GKN Aerospace staff reported a wide spectrum of Excel abilities ranging from occasional, anxious, users to advanced and proficient “Excel gurus”.  Large amounts of data were being analysed by the company within Excel and consolidation of key skills were required for beginners while highlighting advanced features to those more comfortable with the application.  It was also identified that processes could be automated through the use of VBA code amongst the various MS Office products, therefore reducing the number of hours to extract and formulate data.

What we provide

Elliott Training have been working with GKN Aerospace for the last 5 years devising and delivering various Excel, VBA and Project courses.  We identified the need to tailor the content and the material for different departments which incorporated using individual’s files.  Introductory courses boosted key skills of those reporting a degree of apprehension about the application, while advanced were walked through Pivot Table functionality, technical functions, the usefulness of macros and a short introduction to the VBA design environment.  Following on from these sessions, we are now working with GKN Aerospace on a consultancy level producing technical code to automate procedures within Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint e.g. Automation of extraction of key information and creation of graphs into PowerPoint slides, creation of code to enable individuals to email their vendor files simply and effectively in bulk.


The client noted post training and during consultancy:

  • Staff came away with lots of useful tips and tricks
  • Significant reduction in time on repetitive tasks
  • Much reduction of Excel anxiety reported from beginner users accompanied by an increased confidence and awareness of advanced features from those on the Advanced courses
  • Improved staff morale from being invested in