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Great customer service is vital within a business and perfecting your phone communication skills is one of the best ways to give a great first impression. 


How an organisation handles phone calls can have a direct impact in their success, therefore, even outside call centres, it is essential to have good call handling skills. 


Since telephone contact is often the first means of communicating with your customers, this experience must create an outstanding first impression. Over time, many of your clients or business connections may predominantly experience your company over the phone. Because of this, it’s important that everyone who may answer the phone knows the correct rules and protocols to represent your business in the best way. 


Communication and conflict management skills can also help you to retain business and reduce the number of matters which may escalate to management. 


Communication skills are crucial for people at all levels making and answering calls for their organisation. Understanding your customer’s needs, having an awareness of different personalities and how to handle conflict situations are all essential when ensuring the best customer experience.  


Participants of our 1-day training course will gain a wealth of knowledge in how to communicate effectively in all situations and provide excellent customer service.


Course content 



  • What is excellent customer care and why do we need it? 
  • Who are our customers? 
  • What’s in it for you? 
  • Understanding ownership of calls 

Projecting a Professional and Competent Image 

  • Ansering the Phone – The basics for inbound and outbound calls
  • Communicate effectively in all situations 
  • Verbal communication and excellent customer service
  • What – no non-verbal communication? 

Understanding Different Personalities 

  • What is your personal style? – a self-assessment 
  • Recognising other’s styles over the phone 
  • Communicating with other styles 

Understanding Customer Needs 

  • Effective listening for customer satisfaction
  • Questioning techniques and probing 
  • Summarising the conversation 

Handling Complaints 

  • We need complaints! 
  • Ownership of complaints and problems 
  • Working with your customers, not against them 
  • Simple methods of dealing with complaints 

Tough Customers 

  • What is conflict and how to handle it when it arises
  • Staying cool under pressure – dealing with your own emotions 
  • Dealing with others’ emotions 
  • Seeking a win:win resolution 


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