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Customer Service Programme, MS Office, FISH Philosophy

Wales and West Utilities have won numerous awards for their exceptionally outstanding Customer Service; therefore this programme was not about under performing issues but about maintaining that performance and continually looking at ways to improve existing skills and methodologies, they believed Elliott Training had the skills and the consultants to create and deliver this programme.

The Program will come under the umbrella of “External Coaching” and will be seen as a Continuous Improvement Programme where individuals are being coached to understand what excellence is and how they can identify areas of improvement through personal goals. Elliott Training were tasked to create a programme “Service Excellence and Beyond” and deliver to over 400 core personnel. The programme was built over 3 days and involved us listening to inbound and outbound calls, attending team meetings and discussions with various members of the different departments.


The course was created as a 1 day session involving group discussions, presentations, games and continual interaction from both Trainer and Attendees.


Following on from the continued success of this role out, Elliott Training are now involved in the creation of a FISH programme based on the original Fish Philosophy from the Seattle Fish Market. This programme will be a 2 day course including areas on Leadership, Motivation, Empowerment and Vision. This is a very creative programme ensuring individuals learn and have fun through role play.

Theresa, Wales and West Utilities:- Our relationship with Elliott Training continues to grow over the years and after initial discussions with Sarah and Karen we knew the courses they developed would be a resounding success and they certainly were. We enjoy working closing with Elliott’s because they always listen and deliver with 110% commitment and enthusiasm – long may our relationship continue to blossom.

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