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Course Duration:

1.5 Hours

Purpose of the workshop:

We negotiate with people on a daily basis, probably without even realising it.

  • Your workplace – pay rises, workload, who’s going to do what by when, getting a good price from a supplier, selling to your customers.
  • Your children – pocket money, meal choices, clothing options, or curfew times.
  • Your partner – what are your expectations of them, what do you want them to do for you?
  • Social life – booking a holiday, buying a car or a home, when to have friends over for dinner, what price to pay for food and clothes.

It happens all the time and it’s going on all around us every day.

When negotiation is handled effectively everyone should leave the table feeling like a winner.  A skilled negotiator can easily and successfully build strong long-term relations with the negotiating party.

Benefits to the organisation:

  • Reduced expenditure – bigger profits
  • Confident employees who understand the importance of a win-win relationship
  • Employees who act assertively rather than aggressively
  • Improved relations with suppliers
  • Strong, long-term relationship with clients
  • Increase profitability of projects etc.
  • Increases morale and performance
  • Improves employee communication skills as a whole

Topics Covered:

During this short but powerful session you will learn how to:

  • Identify what you & your opponent want from this negotiation
  • Research the market and discover options available to you and them
  • Create your pitch and determine your walking away point
  • Enter the negotiation
  • Influence and persuade your opponent
  • Close the deal


By the end of the course, you will have a top-level understanding of how to:

  • Confidently enter a negotiation
  • Be adequately prepared so nothing will come as a surprise during the negotiation process
  • Ensure good relations are maintained throughout the negotiation
  • Become more assertive and self-assured

Develop a plan to achieve a win-win result every time