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Course Duration

1.5 Hours

Purpose of the workshop

Change is inevitable but if it introduced without thought it can negatively impact an organisation and the people involved.

We can’t always control how change is introduced but we can control how we behave and adapt to changes in our environment.  When we feel like we are in control, change becomes manageable and is welcomed as a positive move forward.

Benefits to the organisation

• Improved moral and performance
• Reduced feelings of fear of the unknown
• Builds stronger teams and company performance
• Improve employee communication skills as a whole
• Enables employees to embrace personal growth opportunities

Topics covered

During this short but powerful session you will learn:
• Why change is often unwelcomed
• Why people resist change
• How to identify your own personal reasons to resist change
• Steps to identify that change is about to take place
• How to adapt positively to change


By the end of the workshop, you will have a top level understanding of how to:
• Identify illogical fear based behaviour
• Understand and accept where you may emotionally reside the change cycle
• Appreciate and respect other people’s point of view
• Question any limiting beliefs you may hold towards change
• Become more assertive and self-assured

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