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  • Customer service – During this session, we show a short video about the impact poor customer service can have on a business, we then watch a second short video about how to turn your task mentality into a customer-centric mentality.  Personality types and preferred communication styles will be explored via a handout and discussion session, then we’ll close with an understanding of how to communicate with an unhappy customer.


  • Wellbeing – This session will focus on getting the delegates to be fully present at this moment in time –NOW. We do this by getting people to bat balloons to each other and express thoughts that are in their head, things they are worried about, to do list, challenges etc.   We then show a video about what we miss when we’re not paying attention.  Delegates will spend a little time writing down all the things they are thankful for whilst we play relaxing music, we’ll focus on the breath, focus on eating a chocolate – really feeling grounded and present and then we will end the session with a mini guided meditation exercise.


  • Career planning – During this session, we give delegates an exercise of asking each other questions about their life to appreciate what they like and what they are naturally skilled at.  We ask them to write these skills on a paper tablecloth and to circulate the table ticking a skill that they may have missed off their individual list or to continue adding new skills.  We then ask them to pick which skills they would like to use more and which skills are they using in their current role that they don’t feel that they have mastered yet.  In pairs we will ask them to identify which job they would like to do next and write 5 actions on how they could achieve this job – Groups will share their ideas.  Delegates will each have an action plan to take away with them


  • Managing remote teams  – We divide the room into groups. Each group will be split into 4 and will hold information or an item that is critical to completing the team task.  The group has to join together, share information/items to complete the task.  We will review what lessons were learned about working remotely.  On boxes, the team will be asked to write down components that must be present if they were to manage a successful remote team.   Groups will be asked to come to the front and read out what’s on their box and each group will stack their box on another box.  I will summarise and share some key tips.


  • Conflict management – During this session, we will discuss values and beliefs via the medium of post-it notes.  We’ll learn that everyone is different and the reasons why conflict will occur.  I’ll share some tools to handle conflict and how to avoid using ‘red flag’ words.  At the end of the session, delegates will learn that they are responsible entirely for the way they communicate and know with a slight tweak to their approach and a full appreciation of the other person they can easily and effortlessly defuse conflict in the future.