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Workshop Duration

1 day


Proactive Communication; an underpinning leadership skill, which affects all other responsibilities.   Authentic, outcome focused conversations with peers, direct reports, stakeholders and bosses.  Whether the conversations are positive or over-coming conflicts, there are key skills to master.  This is a theory & practical programme, with time to practise & gain feedback.

  • Approximately 12 leaders per session
  • Workshop & individual activities
  • Pre-work – 2 examples of actual conversations you need to have in the future -1 positive & 1 potentially difficult
  • Post course action required

Course Objectives

  • To identify the range of conversations you have – positive & difficult
  • Develop strategies in preparing for conversations
  • Identify own strengths & barriers to communication
  • Develop on-going methods to improve communication for continuous improvement


  • Different types of conversation examined – video examples
  • Assertiveness Continuum & the link to Transactional Analysis (Parent/Adult/Child)
  • The Drama Triangle & its effects on relationships & outcomes
  • Listening & questioning techniques – Perceptual Positions / 5 Levels of Listening
  • The art of giving and receiving feedback – Motivational Theory / Engagement Survey
  • Why conflict occurs & how to deal with it – Thomas Kilnmann Instrument (TKI)
  • Practising positive & difficult conversation in safe environment

Lead Consultants