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Workshop Duration

1 day


Delegates must have attended a Windows Introductory course, or have an equivalent working knowledge of the Windows environment.

Who will the course benefit?

Potential or first time users of Excel who wish to gain an in-depth introduction to this application.

Course Content

Exploring the Excel 2013 Environment

  • Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Increased Row/Column capacity

File Management

  • Pinning Recent Documents

Working with Multiple Documents

  • Working with several workbooks in memory
  • Multiple workbook display options
  • Splitting windows and freezing panes

Building Spreadsheets

  • Entering, editing and deleting within cells
  • Quick methods for Navigation  and Selecting cell ranges
  • Copying and moving data

Working with the Sheets

  • Inserting and deleting sheets
  • Copying and moving sheets
  • Renaming sheets and adding tab colours


  • Generating series on text and numbers

Formulae and Functions

  • Create a formula using +, -, *, /, % and ()
  • Using predefined functions e.g. SUM, COUNT, COUNTA, AVERAGE

Absolute Cell Referencing

  • Understanding Absolute addresses
  • Using the F4 key – $E$3


  • Page Break Preview
  • Page Layout View, Setting page breaks
  • Page set up – Orientation, Margins, Size Headers and Footers
  • Setting up repeating column and row headings on every page

Formatting a Worksheet

  • Changing the font style and size
  • Applying bordering and shading
  • Aligning cell contents, merging
  • Column width and row height
  • Deleting/inserting cells/rows/columns
  • Hiding/Unhiding Columns and Rows Applying
  • Cell/Table Styles and Themes

Number Formats

  • Applying number and date formats

Charting Basics

  • Creating Charts

Skills gained

On successful completion of the course, delegates will be able to work with the new results-oriented interface, prepare, edit and format basic spreadsheets, understand and use formulas and functions, take advantage of Excel features such as AutoSum and AutoFill, produce quality printed spreadsheets, create basic charts using the Microsoft Charting facility.

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