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Sharing news that you know will be uncomfortable for the recipient to hear is not always easy, but dodging the issue is not the answer!  This course provides the tools to enable delegates to deliver clear messages and ensure that good relationships are maintained and strengthened. Whether its news to a team of an organisation restructuring or feedback to an individual on their performance, delegates will learn useful techniques to get their message across more comfortably and skillfully.

Course content

  • Why courageous conversations matter
  • Approach every conversation with confidence
  • What makes you and others “tick”
  • Use your body and voice to deliver clear and congruent messages
  • Practice meta-communication to increase your chance of being heard
  • Be an effective messenger of difficult messages
  • Listen respectfully and examine all points of view fairly
  • Create an atmosphere of support and trust to ensure messages are well received
  • Maintain good relationships with your audience despite the impact of ‘bad’ news
  • Deliver meaningful, useful feedback in a way that can be accepted and is more likely to improve performance
  • How to give clear honest feedback using the E2C2 model
  • Communication and conflict
  • Work through emotions
  • Respond rather than react defensively
  • Individual needs versus organisational needs
  • Conducting courageous professional conversations and moving on
  • Some useful phrases and questions
  • Apply your skills to your current workplace situations

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