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1 day workshop – 09:30 till 17:00

About This Course

In this competitive economy, it is essential that you attract and keep clients. Customer service is a critical part of this process.

Whether you are handling customers face to face or over the phone it is essential that you master the skills to keep the conversation flowing; obtain important information; and ensure your customer – or potential customer – leaves you/the call with a good impression of your company.

Benefits to the Organisation

• Ensure that employees portray a positive company image and deal with customers effectively
• Improves the quality of your brand
• Increases employee confidence in handling difficult customers
• Improves employee communication and customer service skills as a whole

Course Outline

Communication skills

• Understanding communication skills – interact by listening, questioning, clear language
• How to communicate in the absence of face to face interaction
• Body language and the importance of a smile when you dial Smile
• Voice – tone, pace, words
• Personality types and building rapport

Handling difficult customers

• Building personal confidence and being assertive
• The effect of words, tone and voice
• Understanding the need for good listening skills
• Developing a questioning technique, prompting answers on which to base decisions
• Taking responsibility without taking the blame
• Personal discipline and control, handling pressure and conflict

Understanding your company brand and goals

• What image does your company want to portray?
• How does your company want customers to feel?
• What does your company want customers to say about it?
• Learn how to encapsulate your company’s customer goals in your interaction with customers
• Surprise and delight the customer
• Doing what you said you would do

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