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Who would benefit from Leadership Training?

Retaining top talent can be one of the most important factors in contributing to a successful business. There are several factors which are involved in retaining employees. Equally, there are several factors which lead to people leaving a business.

One of the top reasons that people leave a job is a problem with their manager – as high as 50% of people cite their manager as the main reason for leaving a job.  While some of these are simply personality clashes or other problems disguised as issues with their boss, a good number are caused by managers who simply don’t know how to manage people.  Their skills at their job are excellent but they haven’t had the right leadership training to help them manage their people.

What are the benefits of leadership training?

The best and the worst of leaders are the ones that stay in our minds in positive and negative ways.  But not everyone is a born leader, able to effortlessly motivate people and form a group of individuals into a team with a single goal in mind.  And even for the natural leaders, there are benefits to leadership training that make it worth considering.

A well-trained leader often results in a higher level of productivity from their team.  That’s because the leader or manager understands their people, knows how to get them working well, in a positive and successful way.  Emotional intelligence is a term used to describe the skill of using empathy to engage and empower employees and is something that training can help leaders learn.

Employees that are well led are also more likely to be engaged and feel part of something.  Studies show that 43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback at least once a week compared with just 18% of those who have low engagement.  A major skill for managers is giving the right feedback at the right time and making sure it is valid.

Who benefits from leadership training?

Companies often ask who would benefit from leadership training?  Or think that it is something that is aimed primarily at upper management.  But the fact is, anyone who manages other people can benefit from leadership training.  Ideally, the training should begin on the 1st day of them taking the role and should continue during their career.

In fact, there are different types of training available for different areas of a business.  These can include first line and middle manager as well as senior management.  You can undergo training for basic management skills, managing high performing teams and specialised skills such as influencing, persuading and being assertive.  Learning these skills can help managers get the best from their staff and create a working environment which talent is far less likely to leave from.

Real leaders

For many companies, there is a clear need for management to lead by example and motivate employees.  By developing a company’s management team so that they can get the best out of their employees, companies can create a vibrant and productive business culture that people will want to be part of.  That positive reputation will spread, and the company can find itself attracting the best and the brightest for new roles – all due to a foundation of strong and positive management training for all leaders in these roles.

Elliott Training has an extensive range of leadership training courses designed to help everyone from first line managers through to senior management improve their skills and become better leaders. We can help you and your business bring these skills to life. Want to book spaces on our courses or find out what’s on offer? Fill out a contact form or call us on 01454 203 355.

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